Carnival Cruise discloses personal data breach

Cruise operator Carnival said on Thursday it had detected unauthorized access to its computer systems in March. After which it alerted regulators, and hired a cybersecurity firm to investigate the breach.

The company,noticed the suspicious activity on March 19 and acted quickly to “to shut down the event and prevent further unauthorized access”, it said.

The breach affected personal information of some guests, employees and crew for Carnival Cruise Line. Other brands that were affected include, Holland America Line, and Princess Cruises.

Carnival said that there was a low likelihood of the data being misused.

Carnival was also hit by a ransomware attack last year.

Our take

As we begin to explore our world more, as COVID 19 releases its grip on more of the world take travel security and your Identity seriously. Here are some tips to help you stay safe while you travel.

Before you leave

  • Go through your wallet and remove things that you won’t need on your trip. Your social security card, credit cards (except for the one or two major cards you’ll use on the vacation), and any listings of website passwords should be left at home in a safe location.
  • Call the credit card company for the card you’ll be taking with you to inform them of your travel plans and dates. Take copies of your passport and identification to store separately in your luggage, just in case.
  • Avoid posting on your social media site when you’ll be leaving and returning as this is simply a cue for when it’s safe for thieves to enter your home.
  • If you don’t have a trusted close friend, relative, or neighbor to promptly remove your daily mail, go to your local post office and complete a card giving permission for your mail to be temporarily held at the post office.

During the Trip:

  • Avoid responding back online to possible phishing efforts to get your banking info. Instead, have your banking institutions’ phone numbers in your smartphone where you could access them to call and inquire about any concerns regarding your accounts.
  • Refrain from checking bank accounts on hotel computers to prevent the theft of delicate information.
  • Keep your original identification and credit cards with you at all times. Consider using a small zippered travel pouch on a belt that can be worn underneath your clothing while you travel.
  • Store the copies you brought in your luggage, separately from the originals. Place the copies in the luggage lining or with dirty clothes where they would not likely be discovered by others. Better yet, keep them locked away in the hotel safe.

When You Arrive Home:

  • Login to True ID Pro check your credit report to ensure that your credit is intact and has not been tampered with during your vacation.

You can enjoy your upcoming trip and know that your money and identity will be safe by following these suggestions before, during, and after you return from your trip. Bon voyage!