Increase revenue, loyalty, and satisfaction with ease. 

If your business has an existing consumer base, you have the unique opportunity to embed identity protection into your core products and services for your customers. Through services such as our proprietary internet surveillance technology, TrueScan®, you can help reduce your entire customer base’s risk of account takeover, online fraud, and other forms of identity theft.

This approach drives customer loyalty by embedding basic protection for the valuable data elements customers share with your business, including:

~Email Address

~Credit/Debit Card

~Banking Information

~Phone Number

~Social Security Number

Embedding a basic package of identity protection services requires little customer input. Further, with minimal marketing efforts, you can provide a path to upgrade to more comprehensive coverage at unmatched price points with seamless activation, all within one platform. Overall, an embedded product offering can help strengthen customer relationships, increase retention and revenue, and reduce corporate risk.

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