About the Charity

Love Conquers Violence was created in 2015 after the tragic death of Natalie Beissel due to domestic violence. Natalie was 32 years old and starting her final year of medical school in Tucson, Arizona. 

The mission of Love Conquers Violence is to honor Natalie by raising funds through community events and educating for awareness and prevention of domestic abuse.

In just 2 years Love Conquers Violence has raised over $45,000. More than 140 families at Domestic Abuse Project have been positively impacted directly through our financial support and 3 medical students have been recipients of The Natalie Beissel Scholarship. Together we can #beNATSvoice and put an end to domestic abuse. F

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Why Domestic Violence? 

With so many of our daily activities happening online, identity thieves have more and more access to our personal information. But for people in abusive relationships, the biggest threat to their identity and personal information could be their abusive partner.

From our experience at The Hotline, we know that an abusive partner often has access to or control over their victim’s bank accounts, credit cards, passwords and other sensitive personal information. There are many ways an abusive partner might use this access for harm. For example, an abusive partner might threaten or coerce a victim to open a new credit card or loan in the victim’s name and then max it out, leaving the victim with ruined credit. Some abusive partners might use personal information to stalk, harass or intimidate their partners.

True ID Pro is  a leading provider of proactive identity theft protection services for consumers, that may help protect a victim of abuse from stolen identity or fraud.

To learn more about Love conquers Violence Click here

To learn more about Domestic Abuse Project Click here

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