Silver Plan Gift Subscription




Single-Bureau Credit Monitoring, with Score: True ID Pro makes you aware of changes to your single-bureau credit report, so you can take action if needed.
Change of Address Monitoring: Did you know your identity could be at risk starting with your mailing address? If your mail has been redirected through the U.S. Postal Service, we’ll notify you.
Lost Wallet Services: Lost Wallet? No worries — we’ve got your credit and identity items covered. We’ll work on your behalf to terminate and reissue wallet contents.
Identity Restoration: We provide full-service Identity Restoration in the event of identity theft. Even if you simply suspect a problem, a certified Identity Restoration specialist will work with you to resolve the issue 24/7/365.
Identity Theft Insurance: In the event that your identity is compromised, Identity Theft Insurance provided under policies issued to True ID Pro reimburses you, up to $1 million, for covered expenses.
SMS Alerts: Get notified of alerts wherever you are, either on the go or at home.
Email Breach search: Look up your email and see if it has potentially been involved in a Data Breach


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