More than just a phone

The takeover of mobile phone accounts became nearly twice as prevalent in only a year. Mobile phone accounts represented 12% of all takeovers in 2016, up from 7% in 2015, as criminals sought not only to monetize these accounts through fraudulent billing practices but also to leverage them to compromise the mobile-based alerting and authentications solutions Financial Institutions, issuers, and other businesses rely on to prevent fraud. 

~Digitally Connected Consumers are extremely active in mobile commerce: 

~80% made a purchase through a mobile app on their smartphone.

~76% made an online purchase through a browser on their smartphone.

~41% use a mobile wallet.

~38% sent money to another individual through a Peer to Peer payment service.

Our ability to White Label, or Co-brand a solution for our partners, not only can create a level of trust between subscriber, and carrier, but also increase your bottom line.

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